The aim of our Fast Track service is to provide you with a quick, one day, clinical assessment. Wherever possible, any necessary investigations will be carried out at the same time, thereby reducing the number of hospital visits you need to make.

It is a consultant-led, specialist service that facilitates rapid diagnosis and commencement of treatment, if required.

How do I access the Fast Track Surgical Clinic?

  • You may be referred by your doctor or hospital specialist
  • You may book into the clinic direct, by either telephoning or emailing our team
  • For some clinics we also run a drop in service for general surgical problems (please check with our office)

What kind of conditions may be suitable for the clinic?

Conditions that may be suitable for our Fast Track Surgical Clinic include:

  • Assessment and investigation of abdominal pain
  • Abdominal wall hernias or swellings
  • Indigestion symptoms and chronic acid reflux
  • Suspected gallstone symptoms
  • Perianal symptoms – pain, discharge, swellings or bleeding
  • Skin lumps and bumps
  • Returning patients may also use this service for further review, if required

Who will I see at the clinic?

Your assessment at the clinic will be carried out by Mr Agwunobi and his team. You may be referred to have blood tests, or to the X-ray department for other investigations, such as ultrasound.

Where is the clinic held?

Our rapid access surgical clinic is currently held at BMI The Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle, but we are hoping to extend this service to other clinic sites in the near future.

What happens at the clinic?

You will first have a thorough clinical assessment with Mr Agwunobi and his team. Then, depending on the suspected diagnosis, further tests may be arranged on the same day or very soon afterwards. You will be informed of any results available on the day and given appropriate treatment or advice, as dictated by your condition.

How long will I be at the clinic?

Your visit to the clinic will take between one hour and half a day, depending on whether you have to wait for other tests to be completed. Once we receive your enquiry we will be able to advise you on the likely duration, before you attend your appointment.

How much is the consultation fee?

The fee for the first consultation is £200. Follow-up consultations are £150.